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Lawyer di Bali

Selamat datang di halaman "lawyer di bali" tempat dimana anda bisa mendapatkan informasi tentang lawyer di bali ini dan mendapatkan layanan terbaik untuk masalah hukum.

Lawyer or lawyers or Legal Counsel is a noun, the subject. In practice also known as Legal Consultant. It can mean someone who is doing or giving advice (advice) and defense "represent" for others who are related (the client) with the completion of a legal case.

The term connotes lawyers legal professional services that play a role in a dispute that can be completed outside or inside the court. In the legal profession, the technical term is related to the arrangement before a judicial procedure in the Book of the Law of Criminal Law and the Book of Law Civil Procedure. The term lawyer is distinguished by the term legal consultant whose activities further to the provision of legal consultancy services in general.

The defense made by lawyers of formal institutions (the judiciary) or informal (discourse), or persons who are certified to provide legal services, both inside and outside the court [1]. In Indonesia, in order to become a lawyer, a scholar of higher education background must follow special education law and passed the professional examinations conducted by an organization of lawyers.

In Bali you can find many law firms that can help you to solve problems you may be facing, such as family problems, the problem of sale and purchase of land or houses as well as other legal issues. One of the lawyers in Bali who can help you right beside you can see this page, please you contact the directly.

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