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Stone Pot in Bali

Stone Pot in Bali

Stone Pot is a pot made of stone Various stone used as an ingredient for the manufacture of which is called a stone pot quil eggs, onix stone, and other stones.

Pot was made by personnel sklilled in the manufacture of stone pot, so not everyone can make it. Pot is made with a variety of forms, some are small with a diameter 30 cm, but there are also large with a diameter of more than 1 meter and everything is made to order.

A variety of shapes and patterns make these stone pots can be placed in the garden and yard every building, so the stone pot is very flexible and efficient because the stone pot is very durable, can be adapted to the crop to be planted.

If you have flowers, you can choose a small stone pot, so if the plant or tree you are big enoug, you can choose the size of a large stone pot, so all can be customized to your needs.

And do not hesitate to use the stone pot, if you want to enhance your yard or garden is your home.

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